Feel free to check through it and take a tour of the artwork I am proud to have created over the years.

Here you will find samples of some of the work I have done through the various stages of my life and career. It is a cross-section of work that spans over 30 years and, I believe it is a good representation of my body of work.

I welcome you to check out the artwork I have included here and hope it will do what art is meant to do; inspire, promote emotions and opinions, and provide a bit of entertainment.

My Newest Piece

This is a painting of a rockface near a road in British Columbia. There are many like it left at the sides of roadways that were blasted out of the hills and mountains to make room for the roads. Check it and my others in my watercolours page.

I have decided to add this new section to my website to show some of the beautiful artwork that there is to be found around the city of Calgary, Alberta. I have not gotten out to start on it yet, but will begin contributing to it very soon.

The Calgary Public Arts Program has brought a great deal of beauty and culture to the city. I hope people can take some time to go out and appreciate some of the paintings and sculptures to be found in Calgary.

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to see what I am talking about.

Limited Edition Prints–
White Tiger

Still some available. Limited edition prints of the 'White Tiger' pen and ink drawing. Offered with mats or on their own, acid-free and suitable for matting and framing. Reasonably priced and ready to add to your collection.

The original pen and ink drawing is hanging in our house but is also for sale. Feel Free to contact me for details.

You strike a match in the dark. It evokes a sense of warmth, security, light, maybe even joy. It can make you feel a sense of safety and happiness. It can relieve you of a feeling of isolation and fear. It can change your visible environment. Somehow it can make it better and more homey.

But wait -

What if you strike that same match on a dark battlefield? It can promote a sense of fear, anger, danger and even betrayal of those around you.

It can certainly change our environment for the worse, bring the scorn or others around you and bring the wrath of both your friends and enemies. That little match can light a campfire or a forest fire. It is all a matter of perspective.

In my work, I try to produce a sense of awe, acceptance, joy or pleasure. It’s alright if it brings something else, though.

I think that is what art is all about. It can start a conversation and let us view something new that hopefully expands our world even a little bit. You can accept and like it or step back and voice your disapproval.

So, put on your Art Appreciation/Critic hat and watch as I light my match.

Below is my contact information:

If you should wish to contact me to hire my graphic design services, commission a painting or drawing, or even wish to discuss the world of art and design (I love to do that), you may reach me at the email or phone number listed below.

Please be sure to call me between the hours of 8:00 am and 9:30 pm, because I like to sleep too.

Thank you for visiting my website.

Contact information:
Phone: 403•279•0217
Email: Robert Lawes

Disclaimer: The artwork contained within this site in no way indicates that the companies they represent endorse me or my work. It merely indicates that I have created this artwork in the past. All items within this site are under copyright (Yes Copyright) and are the property of Robert Lawes.